To Riva the commitment to the safety and health of our workers is paramount.
That is why we have aligned our management systems to oshas 18001 standards. We work
daily to maintain the highest possible degree of physical and social wellbeing of the workers,
regardless of their occupation within the company.
The strategic plan and the internal codes of conduct of Riva are considered as top priority both
the safety and health of the people in the work center and the protection of the environment
and environment derived from the activity itself.
We seek to go beyond the current regulations and focus on processes of continuous

Prevent and analyze.
Minimize health risks for workers, clients, external collaborators operating in our facilities and
deriving from our general activity.
Evaluate, develop and adapt our productive processes so that they have the minimum
environmental and energetic impact.

Awareness programs and workshops

The prevention of accidents at work is an undeniable social obligation of all the personnel of
the company, whatever their function and of those who are temporarily in it, constituting also
a condition of employment. Prevention at work along with quality, costs, productivity and
human resources are a single priority.
Therefore, at Riva we have a training program for workers on safety standards to be fulfilled
during all stages of the project to be executed. We propose, in a playful way and with a
consistent language, to be aware of the dangers of the construction activity and the way to
prevent them.
Our construction sites have signage that expose the dangers to which the workers are exposed
and that serve as a constant reminder of the precautionary rules to be followed to work safe.
We put into practice monthly experiential workshops that allow workers to become aware of
the risks and consequences of accidents that may occur during work.

Occupational Health

The health of our workers is a priority. Therefore, we have an accident contingency procedure
that is constantly updated by training the health and safety professionals and other workers
involved in the work.
Within this framework, a training in first aid dictated by the Argentine Red Cross takes place in