Committed to protecting the environment at all stages of the work, we have aligned to
environmental management plans and procedures under ISO 14001.
We are committed to working in harmony with the environment, ensuring the right conditions
for the development of future generations through the following objectives:
Minimizing adverse environmental impacts.
Acting in accordance with current environmental legislation.
Minimizing the generation of waste of any kind, ensuring responsible and safe management.
Giving priority, whenever possible, to reuse and recycle materials.
Training our employees and subcontractors at all levels to develop their activities while
maintaining quality standards without producing negative impacts to the environment.
Promoting internal and external communication with our clients, the community, legal
authorities or any other organization interested in our environmental performance
Conducting periodic environmental audits to determine progress towards continuous
The integrity program has several chapters that specify:

Waste Management

Our purpose is to transmit to all the personnel of Riva the steps to follow to guarantee an
efficient and controlled waste management process (with the identification, collection,
handling, classification, storage, transfer, transport and final disposition). We also ensure that
the processes comply with the current standards and specifications. Our goal is to make caring
for the environment a habit both in the construction and later in the homes of our work team.