The concrete slab of level +79.40m of the Control Tower was completed

The concrete works began early in the morning, and were the result of an entire month of work with extended hours to achieve the proposed deadline. The fulfillment of this milestone represented the end of the reinforced concrete structure of a work whose execution meant a challenge, not only because of the double curvature present in the shaft, but also because of the height of the tower and the complexity of the formwork and shoring.

The area will be used as a control room. It is on open plant, without interference to the visual of the operators, whose structure is mixed, combining slab, reinforced concrete beams and partitions, and inclined metal columns on the perimeter.

For the shoring of the sector, cantilever platforms were used, designed by the company Peri, to support Roset towers of 5 meters high as well a 5-layer framework of wooden beams that formed the formwork system.

The Total Station was used to position the metal columns, so as to ensure their precise location.

The completion of the slab represents the last stage of concrete works, and the beginning of the final stage of structure, the assembly of the metal roof that crowns the tower.

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