Construction of Halts, Neuquén- Plottier Service. Stage I

The purpose of the works includes the construction of five new platforms for the train that connects the towns of Neuquen – Plottier. The works include the installation of indicative and safety signage, ramps and access paths, lighting of accesses and platforms, installation of shelters, equipment, pedestrian crossings with labyrinths and delimitation by means of perimeter fences. The work includes the execution in the field of the railway layout of each stop corresponding to the extension of the Tren del Valle service (Cipolletti-Neuquen-Airport). The structure of the platforms is made of reinforced concrete, lightened slab and perimeter edge beam. The floorings are of the podo-tactile type, constituting the “regulatory borders” forming a strip composed of caution, guide and danger flooring. Construction of Halts, Neuquén- Plottier Service. Stage IThe shelters will be made up of three modules, built with a metal structure and covered with sheets, ceiling, back and pre-painted sheet metal equipment with informative signage. All paradors will have urban furniture equipment (waste baskets, benches, lumbar support) and will be marked with the graphic signage indicative of each station.

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