Completion of the works at Police Station No. 22 of Puerto Madero

Since the construction of the Paseo del Bajo was imminent, the relocation of the current Police Station No. 22 was necessary. Accordingly, Old Puerto Madero Corporation S.A. entrusted Riva with the construction of a new building for the police station, located at Av. Huergo 1350 and Av. Juan de Garay, in Puerto Madero.

The building is projected as an operational deployment center that has sizeable changing rooms, armory sector, handdies and vests; an academy and training space for staff training. Additionally, citizen complaints can be received in this police station and thus the building has an area for administrative tasks and victim assistance.

The new space of the police station has 1,200 covered squared meters, distributed on two floors, with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. It will be sustainable, since it has a green terrace and a “gray water” rainwater gathering system, that supplies the sprinkler irrigation system.