Start of the CABIN project in Comodoro Rivadavia

The great challenge of this project will be to functionally link the new facilities with the existing facilities of the Bionuclear Applications Center (CABIN) in an area where unsealed radioactive sources are managed and with strict control both in the accesses and in their physical delimitation. The new space consists of about 1000 m² and Riva will build two well-differentiated sectors: the Radionuclide Production Area (access hall, offices, changing rooms, cleaning depot and radiation protection office) and the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Area (hot laboratory, injectables, ergonometry sector, patient waiting room, nursing and restrooms).
It will also be the task of the company to refurbish approximately 600 m² and build a large number of rooms and premises such as reports room, IT and networks, maintenance, changing rooms, storage, packaging and shipping, among others. Additionally, the accesses for both patients and medical staff will be reformulated.

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