The new Refunctionalization of the Cochabamba Building began – STAGE 2 (Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity)

The work is located at Cochabamba 54 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA) and is part of the Program to Strengthen Protection Actions against Gender-based Violence. The objective of the Program is to strengthen actions for prevention, comprehensive assistance, protection and access to justice for people in situations of gender-based violence. It is essential to refunction and adapt it so that the technical teams that are currently being formed have a space and the technology that their activities and tasks require. Since until now it has been used as an archive and deposit.

Provisional Reception of the Hospital of Santa Rosa – La Pampa

After a long and arduous teamwork, the provisional reception of all the sectors of the High Complexity Hospital, Santa Rosa, province of La Pampa, proceeded. The building is made up of two specific floors for medical care and other services, in the upper part is the engine room. The goal is for this new hospital to absorb almost all of the medical pathologies that public health faces, for which 250 hospital beds are planned, with the possibility of expanding to 100 more beds if population growth so requires. Currently, the health team is working on the retrofitting of the building to be able to install high-tech equipment and furniture (beds, desks, counters, etc.). On the other hand, general maintenance tasks are being carried out: lawn mowing, painting touch-ups, carpentry adjustments and other tasks that are needed as the entire readjustment of the building progresses for its perfect operation.

The execution of the Sewage Sanitation Work progresses – La Calera, Córdoba (UT Riva-Tecma)

The sewage treatment work is being carried out that will benefit the Centro, Stoecklin and Los Paraísos neighborhoods of La Calera (Córdoba) through the installation of an effluent collection network, through the construction of 29,000 meters of collection networks; 322 manholes; 2,659 home connections; 150 meters of delivery pipe and 1 pumping station. Excavation, pipe placement and sand bed, installation of PVC pipe (DN 160, 200 mm), placement of reinforced concrete manholes, cobblestone pavements, concrete, asphalt and replacement of sidewalks are currently being carried out.

New Regional Hospital Dr. Oscar Orías- Ledesma, Jujuy (UT EMPRENDIMIENTO RIO GRANDE-RIVA)

The hospital is located at the entrance of the city of Libertador General San Martin (Ledesma) province of Jujuy, a strategic and easily accessible area on Route 34; It is located on a 30,200 m2 lot donated by the Ledesma company, surrounded by green fields of sugar cane. The medium-complexity hospital, with first-rate services and equipment, will provide services to more than 100,000 people, with 23,618 m2 of construction divided into ground floor and upper floor, based on sustainable concepts. Its morphology in different blocks are cooked and joined by galleries, corridors, green spaces and double heights, a roof like an umbrella gives homogeneity to the project, of a constructive, aesthetic nature and efficient climatological function. The proposal organizes the services with the highest public attendance on the ground floor in direct connection with the main entrances, differentiated circulation systems for better functionality and parking areas.

Construction of Halts, Neuquén- Plottier Service. Stage I

The purpose of the works includes the construction of five new platforms for the train that connects the towns of Neuquen – Plottier. The works include the installation of indicative and safety signage, ramps and access paths, lighting of accesses and platforms, installation of shelters, equipment, pedestrian crossings with labyrinths and delimitation by means of perimeter fences. The work includes the execution in the field of the railway layout of each stop corresponding to the extension of the Tren del Valle service (Cipolletti-Neuquen-Airport). The structure of the platforms is made of reinforced concrete, lightened slab and perimeter edge beam. The floorings are of the podo-tactile type, constituting the “regulatory borders” forming a strip composed of caution, guide and danger flooring. Construction of Halts, Neuquén- Plottier Service. Stage IThe shelters will be made up of three modules, built with a metal structure and covered with sheets, ceiling, back and pre-painted sheet metal equipment with informative signage. All paradors will have urban furniture equipment (waste baskets, benches, lumbar support) and will be marked with the graphic signage indicative of each station.

Started the Work “Ventura”

Implanted in a strategic place, with lush trees on the banks of the Reconquista River, in front of the historic center of Tigre and on Av. Santa María de las Conchas that communicates with the Nordelta Shopping Center. A modern, transparent design of landscape apartments and large balconies, connected to the privileged environment of our land. Wide and extensive views in a residential neighborhood, with red tiles and trees, with public transport at the door, in front of Av. Liniers and close access to Panamericana and Caminos de los Remeros.

It is a residential building on the ground floor and 5 floors, it is composed of 68 functional units of 1, 2 and 3 rooms, all with balcony. It has an area of ​​3,829 m2 covered + 2,549 m2 semi-covered. The ground floor houses the access to the complex, a guard and changing room area, the service area, a swimming pool, storage spaces for bicycles, and garages for 71 vehicles.

The 1st to 3rd floor floors are the same. The 4th floor plan differs by having a larger suspended ceiling surface. The 5th floor houses 2 roof terraces equipped with a grill, service rooms and toilets.

Preliminary tasks are currently being carried out, leveling the ground, the layout of construction sites, the excavation for the tower crane base, the construction fence and the entrance circulation path.

Below we share the link for more information about the project:



Sewerage Network Expansion work began in the city of Río Cuarto (UTE Riva-Tecma)

Thousands of residents will benefit from this project, which consists of expanding and re-functionalizing the coverage area of ​​the network in the south, center and northeast of the city. To date, the excavation and installation of pipes together with their home connections began. The work began on Tucumán street, between Pje streets. Fidel Argüello and Unamuno. This section is located in sector 1 of the Alberdi neighborhood, which corresponds to item 2 (Barrio Alberdi Sewage Collection Networks).

Provisional reception Axion Energy

13/11/2020-During the first days of October, after a satisfactory approval by the client on the quality of the work carried out by Riva and having approved all the audits, we signed the provisional reception of work from the Axion service stations located on the Buenos Aires highway – La Plata. As of mid-November, the thousands of vehicles that travel the corridor, and those who circulate in the summer the route that goes to and from the coast, will be able to use the services of the building. We highlight the efforts of the entire team during this complicated and unusual year.

Work is progressing on the work of service stations for Axion

04/03/2020-Riva is currently building 2 service stations, one on each side of the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway, Berazategui height. The work consists of 3 sectors: the CANOPY, a metal stereostructure under which the 10 fuel pumps will be installed; SHOP, made with a metal structure supported by a foundation plate and closed with a glass skin and partitions with a superboard plate, where machine rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, cafeteria and a dining room are located; and the parking lot and landscaped sectors.

Solidarity in times of COVID-19

31/05/2020-Riva accompanies and disseminates this beautiful project that emerged through public-private articulation, in this way CooperAcción, the Tigre Cooperation and Action Table, was created with the premise of helping and containing neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. It is a space made up of the Municipality, real estate developers, Cáritas, Judaica Norte, Fundación Avina, civil organizations, neighborhood associations, consortiums and clubs. The purpose of the initiative is to efficiently organize the arrival and distribution of donations in food, hygiene items and personal protection items destined for the most vulnerable sectors of the community.