Students of the FADU visited the work Torre de Control

Students of Architecture of the FADU (UBA) visited the work Tower of Control that the UTE Riva-Niro is constructing in the International Airport of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires. The students and professors of the Practical and Organization of Work subject, of the Angelomé chair, toured both the ACC Basamento Building and the TWR Control Tower Building, guided by the Gte. of work, the Architect Daniel Androetto. Within the framework of its program of observations of work, in which analyzed from the perspective of construction company professional roles, price formation, programming and planning, production infrastructure, production resources and environment.

Work progresses in the work “Astor San Telmo”

It is a multi-family building that is being carried out in 3 stages simultaneously. Excavation and sub-curing works are currently being carried out; which would complete the subfloors in their entirety. They also completed the tasks of concreting the slabs on the second and third floors, and they are carrying out tasks of electrical, sanitary and masonry installations.

Students and teachers visited the New Control Tower of Ezeiza

Students and teachers from the Otto Krause School Construction area visited the New Control Tower that Riva is building in UTE with the company Niro at the Ezeiza airport. The visit guided by the Construction Manager by Riva, the architect Daniel Androetto, and by the Manager of Institutional Relations by Niro, Dr. Eduardo Capeluto, served so that the future Major Construction Masters obtain more training and training in their studies and a complete look at the scenario where they will surely develop in the professional stage of their careers.


Autonomous City of Buenos Aires February 27, 2019

That being that in the last hours there have been circulated in various media unfounded versions that would account for the fact that a worker linked to this firm would have been subject to reprisals for having made requests to the President of the Nation during his last visit to a construction site, RIVA SA clarifies:

1. That such versions are absolutely false, since the worker in question has not been object of reprimand, sanction or reprisal of any kind.

2. That said worker is part of the staff of a subcontracted company and that, although in the day of the date has not been submitted to his job, his absence has been duly informed and authorized.

3. RIVA S.A. is a construction company with more than 50 years in the market, certified according to ISO standards, which has a Code of Ethics and a Business Conduct Policy that guarantee for all its personnel and that of its subcontracted companies the most absolute freedom of opinion and expression.

That because of the clarifications made, we emphatically deny the publications that have reported that false news.

Last details in “Procrear Santa Fe”

The work of Procrear Santa Fe is located in sector 2 of the property next to the Estación Cambio del Ramal F (Belgrano General Railroad Lines). It consists of 189 apartments distributed in 2 towers of 20 floors each, 3 low blocks of homes, shops and garages. The total area covered is 26,000 m² and the principal is Banco Hipotecario. Currently the work team is monitoring the pending details for the completion of the work. With special emphasis on surface finishes, work is being carried out on the placement of openings, artifacts, painting and the use of exposed concrete.

The concrete slab of level +79.40m of the Control Tower was completed

The concrete works began early in the morning, and were the result of an entire month of work with extended hours to achieve the proposed deadline. The fulfillment of this milestone represented the end of the reinforced concrete structure of a work whose execution meant a challenge, not only because of the double curvature present in the shaft, but also because of the height of the tower and the complexity of the formwork and shoring.

The area will be used as a control room. It is on open plant, without interference to the visual of the operators, whose structure is mixed, combining slab, reinforced concrete beams and partitions, and inclined metal columns on the perimeter.

For the shoring of the sector, cantilever platforms were used, designed by the company Peri, to support Roset towers of 5 meters high as well a 5-layer framework of wooden beams that formed the formwork system.

The Total Station was used to position the metal columns, so as to ensure their precise location.

The completion of the slab represents the last stage of concrete works, and the beginning of the final stage of structure, the assembly of the metal roof that crowns the tower.

Aqueduct Desvío Arijón: Start of the second stage of section 1

Work began on the construction of the aqueduct Desvío Arijón, in the province of Santa Fe. Riva will start with the second stage of SECTION 1, included between the Treatment Plant in Desvio Arijón, 32 km from the capital of the province up to the entrance chamber of the cistern of the Pumping Station Nº2, in Matilde.

The construction of the second module of the Water Treatment Plant will mean the expansion of the treatment capacity to supply potable water through a pressure aqueduct to the towns of Matilde, San Mariano, San Carlos Centro, Angélica and Rafaela, among others.

Start of the CABIN project in Comodoro Rivadavia

The great challenge of this project will be to functionally link the new facilities with the existing facilities of the Bionuclear Applications Center (CABIN) in an area where unsealed radioactive sources are managed and with strict control both in the accesses and in their physical delimitation. The new space consists of about 1000 m² and Riva will build two well-differentiated sectors: the Radionuclide Production Area (access hall, offices, changing rooms, cleaning depot and radiation protection office) and the Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Area (hot laboratory, injectables, ergonometry sector, patient waiting room, nursing and restrooms).
It will also be the task of the company to refurbish approximately 600 m² and build a large number of rooms and premises such as reports room, IT and networks, maintenance, changing rooms, storage, packaging and shipping, among others. Additionally, the accesses for both patients and medical staff will be reformulated.