Provisional reception Axion Energy

13/11/2020-During the first days of October, after a satisfactory approval by the client on the quality of the work carried out by Riva and having approved all the audits, we signed the provisional reception of work from the Axion service stations located on the Buenos Aires highway – La Plata. As of mid-November, the thousands of vehicles that travel the corridor, and those who circulate in the summer the route that goes to and from the coast, will be able to use the services of the building. We highlight the efforts of the entire team during this complicated and unusual year.

Work is progressing on the work of service stations for Axion

04/03/2020-Riva is currently building 2 service stations, one on each side of the Buenos Aires – La Plata Highway, Berazategui height. The work consists of 3 sectors: the CANOPY, a metal stereostructure under which the 10 fuel pumps will be installed; SHOP, made with a metal structure supported by a foundation plate and closed with a glass skin and partitions with a superboard plate, where machine rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, cafeteria and a dining room are located; and the parking lot and landscaped sectors.

Solidarity in times of COVID-19

31/05/2020-Riva accompanies and disseminates this beautiful project that emerged through public-private articulation, in this way CooperAcción, the Tigre Cooperation and Action Table, was created with the premise of helping and containing neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. It is a space made up of the Municipality, real estate developers, Cáritas, Judaica Norte, Fundación Avina, civil organizations, neighborhood associations, consortiums and clubs. The purpose of the initiative is to efficiently organize the arrival and distribution of donations in food, hygiene items and personal protection items destined for the most vulnerable sectors of the community.

Riva, a sustainable company

04/02/2020-The company applied to the GIRO Seal, a program launched by the Ministry of Environment and Public Space, which aims to reduce, reuse and recycle waste in the offices of the City of Buenos Aires, which he qualified from the analysis of good practices and conditions linked to the internal management of the waste generated.

Gender Violence Workshop at work

12/12/2019-Within the framework of National Law 26485, which has as main objective to prevent, punish and eradicate gender-based violence, in the Sáenz Transshipment Center, this problem was addressed together with the National Institute of Women and the Ministry of Transportation. A workshop on gender violence and complaints handling was held, which was attended by all work personnel.

Advances in the High Complexity Hospital of Santa Rosa (La Pampa)

21/11/2019-The following masonry tasks are currently underway: gutter cord over existing roadway, pump room, foundation and exterior fencing masonry, among others. Thermomechanical installation work is also being carried out: in the internment sectors, tasks of assembly and laying of hot and cold water pipes for the fan coil heating equipment of the rooms, and the assembly of ducts for heating of public spaces . In addition, the laying of medical gas pipes, which are oxygen, vacuum and compressed air pipes.

Started the work of INVAP in Agronomy – CABA

11/10/2019-The work includes the execution of the reinforced concrete structure and annexed works of the Conventional Sector – Stage N ° 1 of the Argentine Center for Proton Therapy (CEARP), where in the future radiotherapy techniques, the new proton radiation therapy will be carried out to fight cancer with advanced treatments. CEARP will be the first in the country and in Latin America. It will consist of two buildings. They, once finished, will look and functionally operate as a unique building for users.

Advances and inauguration at the Puerto Iguazú International Airport

The recently inaugurated area is composed of a 100% new construction sector and another that was completely refurbished, keeping part of the structure as the only pre-existing element. This sector has a technical mezzanine and two public floors in which are: operational offices, technical premises, commercial premises, check-in sector, boarding room, bridges, a large luggage removal sector, two independent entrances with hall , arrival and sleeve centers, emergency stairs, premises, and public service areas and services exclusive to the integral operation of the project.

Inauguration of the new headquarters of the General Archive of the Nation

The work team of AGN is finalizing details for the finalization and provisional delivery of the work. The volume on Rondeau Street has two floors, where the public and administrative sector is located: the first has a multipurpose room, training rooms, confectionery and public attention areas; in the second one located on the first floor, there are the offices destined for the management, administration and cataloging of documents. The tower on Pichincha Street consists of subsoil, ground floor and six floors, contains the spaces dedicated to deposits of the AGN documentary collection, the sectors of reception, cataloging and restoration of documents, personnel access and machine rooms. Currently the installation of installations is underway: electrical, thermomechanical, fire detection, sanitary, irrigation, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) and access control. The last tasks to be carried out involve the installation of final equipment: curtains and curtains, audio, furniture, signage, alarm, landscaping and the final cleaning of the entire building.